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Meet the Mermaid's

my mom and I own Sea Maid’s Creamery. We are Latina women from Puerto Rico, since Puerto Rico is surrounded by the sea we decided to name ourselves the Maiden’s of the sea or the Sea Maids for short. at Sea Maid’s we are the biggest ice cream lovers you’ll meet. About a year ago before we decided to open our shop we started actually playing around and making our own ice cream. Our first flavor was inspired by my great grandma who was also the inspiration for opening the ice cream shop in the first place, she’s the greatest person you will ever meet, it feels like she was dropped down straight from heaven. Her signature is two cheek kisses & a warm amaaazing cafè con leche. So we decided to ship her coffee from her hometown in Puerto Rico and put it in an ice cream. After that we kept adding flavors that reflected our culture and even just things that we loved. We work together to make really unique flavors and only choose top quality ingredients. So a lot of thought and love goes into our pints because we feel that they reflect what’s in our hearts. We make those in small batches and classify those as our gourmet in house made specialty pints however since they are made in small batches we don’t have the ability to serve those every day so we partnered with a company who makes everything home made and also uses top quality ingredients and offers a lot more classic flavors along with a great variety of unique flavors as well. We incorporate the ice creams with freshly baked goods and ask each guest how we can make their single scoop of ice cream better whether it’s in a fresh cookie Sandwich, served with a nice warm brownie with a hot Peanutbutter drizzle, in a specialty milkshake, or in a sundae. We want everyone to feel glad that they came in and took part in making their own unique and delicious creation.We also make an in house pup cream with a doggy Walk up window so no member of the family is left out. 

Seminole heights

we saw that it was a diverse, open and growing community.  We knew we could help bring even more happiness to the area. Who doesn’t love dessert? Our main goal in opening the ice cream shop was to provide a happy space for literally everyone. We want everyone to feel loved and accepted and overall just happy when they come into our shop. It’s a place for families and friends to come together or even a place to destress from the bad things that may be going on behind closed doors. Our location is in the heart of a huge neighborhood so we meet tons of families and doggies and amazing people all the time and we feel extremely blessed. We want to be that safe haven for everyone that walks through our doors.